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About High Tide cream and CBD

Who We Are


High Tide Products is a family owned and operated company dedicated to producing quality products containing natural ingredients. With the 2018 Federal Farm Bill allowing the legal use of hemp-derived cannabinoids and their potential benefits to the skin, plus our concern about how many chemicals were present in skin care formulas on the market today, we decided to develop skin care products that contained only organic hemp-derived THC-Free CBD, and that they be completely free from harmful chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients.

We not only wanted to create premium products containing quality CBD obtained from USA-grown organic hemp plants, but to also have all ingredients used in our cream to be as natural and beneficial to  the skin as possible.   Working with the largest grower, manufacturer and processor of hemp-derived Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Oil in the U.S. and producing our cream under strict quality control formulations,using only wholesome, natural ingredients, we feel we have developed the most beneficial skin cream available.  

Transparency is important to us

We found many products containing CBD/Hemp Oil available in the marketplace today are very confusing in their labeling practices.  It is only right that you know exactly what you are buying.  This is why all High Tide topical products we offer containing CBD have labels stating in milligrams both PCR Hemp oil content and CBD content contained within. 

Every batch of PCR Hemp oil we receive comes with a Certificate of Internal Analysis stating results of all cannabinoid content, including CBD and terpenes.  Our PCR hemp oil is also tested for pesticide and heavy metal compliance.  Test results are linked on our website.

We strongly believe in the use of simple and natural solutions to several health and beauty issues (especially skin care).  With the recent discovery of the benefits of organic PCR hemp oil (THC Free) we have created an amazing product that we know you will love! 



High Tide Products

High Tide Cream is one of the most natural and beneficial products offered today!

This rich, hydrating cream is formulated with natural CBD oil, aloe and botanicals that will plump skin cells, brighten and smooth wrinkles.

  • High Tide is free of mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates or parabens
  • There is NO alcohol, preservatives or added water
  • Our CBD is processed from organic hemp grown in the USA
  • Our CBD has no pesticides, heavy metals or solvents
  • Cruelty Free and Non-GMO

High Tide’s product label states in milligrams the quantity of pure CBD contained within. The other minor cannabinoid and terpenes are also in our products, but these are not included in the milligram amount, only CBD. Our CBD is a broad spectrum CBD. High Tide contains NO THC.

We work with a Colorado based company that uses proprietary hemp genetics to organically grown, harvest and process high-CBD content hemp strains. All their CBD products are made using only these proprietary seeds that are only grown and harvested within the USA. No hemp biomass from any other country is used in their products.

All products are 3rd party tested and each lot shipped from our supplier contains a Certificate of Analysis (COA) stating both total phytocannabinoid/terpene potency results and heavy metal/pesticide compliance.

High Tide can be used all over your body, including your face. The product can be applied in the morning or after bathing or showering and can be re-applied throughout the day and at bedtime.

Try the hydrating power of HIGH TIDE CREAM