High Tide Topicals

high tide topicals

Original High Tide Skin Cream

Simple and natural! Organic butters and carrier oils that have been used for skin care for centuries.  Add to that vitamin E, beneficial essential oils and our THC-Free Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) hemp oil and you have a skin care product that we believe is the most natural, nourishing and moisturizing product you can buy.  Available in 2.5oz and 1.25oz  sizes – with or without zinc oxide


High Tide Relief Balm

Muscle and joint-soothing balm made with all-natural ingredients that reduce inflammation, soreness and stiffness.  We formulated a base of skin-healing butters, carrier oils and beeswax; to which we add an essential oil blend that includes black pepper, turmeric, camphor and clove along with pure menthol crystals and 600mg of THC-Free CBD.    


High Tide Massage and Body Oil

Treat yourself to this completely natural aroma therapeutic oil formula that relaxes the body and nourishes the skin.  A blend of luxurious oils that glide on silky smooth, are non-greasy and absorb quickly; organic PCR-Hemp oil containing broad-spectrum CBD, vitamin E and a combination of essential oils to give this oil a light, calming aroma   Containing only organic oils including sweet almond, MCT and jojoba oils, organic PCR hemp oil containing broad-spectrum CBD, lavender and other essential oils.                    


THC-free. U.S.-grown hemp.

We blend our topicals in small batches using only quality, natural ingredients.  Our goal was to create products using only the finest ingredients, be completely natural and truly improve and promote healthy skin. We feel that our formulations are the most all-natural skin care products that you can find.

As important as the natural ingredients we choose to use in our skin care products are the ingredients we feel are unnecessary, even unhealthy, to add:

- No petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, BHA,BHT, Phyhalates or parabens.

- No alcohol, phenoxyethanol, preservatives. fragrances, dyes or added water   

- No propylene glycol or glycerin

- No synthetic emulsifiers or extenders

Certificate of Quality Assurance High Tide Cream 300

Certificate of Quality Assurance High Tide Cream 600

Certificate of Quality Assurance Massage Oil