High Tide Cream Testimonials
★★★★★ Amazing Results!

Love this cream. Put it on my face and body after my shower and it quickly absorbed right into my skin. Had a little left over on my hands and put some through my hair. Amazing results for skin and hair. Love it!

- Sheree M

★★★★★ GLOWING!!

After only 8 days of using High Tide All Natural Skin Cream - I’m glowing!!! This is seriously such a hydrating product. I use the cream at night and then a super small amount in the am. I love it and can smell the essential oils. Going to purchase some for Christmas presents. Five ⭐️ product all the way!! 

- Tricia H

★★★★★ LOVE Your Product

I love this cream. I use the non zinc at night time. It is a relaxing post shower ritual- the smell is very subtle, my skin is so soft. I have noticed with repeat use over the past month softening of fine lines and less breakouts. Especially enjoying it with the drying cold season beginning. I love the cream with the zinc for décolletage and face for sun protection WITHOUT the chemicals or harsh ingredients. 

- Angela C, Elmhurst


The combination of the 13 botanical oils in combination with the organic Butters are more beneficial than the obvious change in your skin in fact I even use it when I have soreness on a shoulder or wrist. This is a FANTASTIC PRODUCT!

- Shaun T, Elmwood Park

★★★★★ Incredible Product!
I began using High Tide CBD Face Cream last month. My face is more hydrated, smoother and has helped reduce the wrinkles around my eyes. The claims this product makes are true. Love it! 
- Diana B, Cedar Lake IN

★★★★★ Tried it, Love it
My face is smoother, and feels great even days after I apply the cream.  Truly a wonderful product. 
- Tammy W, Bloomingdale IL

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